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Unsere tayere – dear friends,

we celebrate 20 years of the band and so we would like to release our new CD  TSVANTSIK YORN (20 years). We kindly ask you for your support at Unfortunately this site is only in Slovak. Here is a How to manual.

First step

In the right panel there is a list of items you can order:

  • Nálepka 5€ – Sticker with a logo of the new CD
  • CD 10€ – new CD
  • Tričko 12€ – T-shirt  with a logo of the new CD
  • CD s podpismi 15€ – new CD with autograms
  • Fľaša vína v originálnej taške 30€ – bottle of wine in an unique bag, both with a logo of the new CD
  • Malý darčekový balík 40€ – small gift pack = CD + bag + T-shirt + sticker
  • Veľký darčekový balík 70€ – big gift pack = CD with autograms and a special thank you + bag + T-shirt + sticker + wine
  • CD s poďakovaním 100€ – CD with a special thank you in the booklet and autograms
  • Malý koncert 500€ – Small concert in your living room in Bratislava region + CD with autograms
  • Veľký koncert 1000€ – Regular concert of the band in Bratislava region + CD with autograms

Click on “Podporiť projekt” for desired option.

Second step

Enter necessary information and click on the payment button. You will be redirected to the payment gateway.

Thank you!