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New album „TSVANTSIK YORN“ is coming out!!!

This year is genuinely important for us. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band – the Preßburger Klezmer Band. So we recorded a new cd entitled TSVANTSIK YORN (20 YEARS). You may know that our music is lively

Donate release of our new CD at

Unsere tayere – dear friends, we celebrate 20 years of the band and so we would like to release our new CD  TSVANTSIK YORN (20 years). We kindly ask you for your support at Unfortunately this site is only in

SOUTH! New programme.

Unique music – dance multi-cultural fusion of south Slovak, Balkan and Mediterranean folklore with klezmer. Concert list: 10.11.2014 – Mestské divadlo P.O.Hviezdoslava, Bratislava – festival KlezMORE Vienna + Bratislava 15.11.2014 – Stanica Žilina – Zariečie, S2 05.12.2014 – Trenčín, Piano klub 18.12.2014 – Košice

New programme Východ (East)

Fascinating fusion of a klezmer with folklore of nations living in eastern Slovakia (Ruthenians, Poles, Serbs, Germans, Hungarians, Gypsies, Ukrainians) including Slovak folklore and dance. Tour dates: 12.11.2013, Prievidza 21.11.2013, Kirche am Gaussplatz, Vienna 22.11.2013, 19.00, Stará Tržnica, Bratislava, guest: KROKE

Mini tour with Lorin Sklamberg (USA) from The Klezmatics

23.7.2013 20:00 Trenčín, amfiteáter na hrade, lístky na 24.7.2013 17:00 Náměšť nad Oslavou, festival Folkové prázdniny 25.7.2013 20:00 Bratislava, Hlavné námestie Three concerts with Lorin you have to hear and see! Don't miss unique opportunity of our concerts with singer of

Singel Double Moyshe from the new CD Tants mit mir

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